It was my long time desire to take by lovable wife to a beautiful place. I was thinking about this since we were in love and now we got married so i do not want to make any delay. So i told her about my idea and she said ok to go for a trip. She asked me about the location that i have chosen and i said the name Croatia. Since she does not know anything about the country, i asked her to sit beside and i have shown her the pictures of Croatia and the places in the country. She was very much happy and excited to visit such beautiful place. Here you will find best charter offers. We usually make rankings of such yachts and Charter companies. Every year we comapare prices and here is what we invented yacht rent in Croatia. If you like it, you can use it for your own purposes.

friends on boat

I want this trip to be romantic and unforgettable so i called my friend who owns a tourist agency. I asked him to arrange the accommodation, transportation and other important things at Croatia. Actually he is a childhood friend for both of us so he was ready to help me. I wanted to plan many surprises for my dear lady so i asked him to contact his friends to arrange few things at Croatia. He did everything and sent us the tickets. We got ready to leave our location and started to Croatia.