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Trip in Croatia

Hvar is a beautiful Croatia (Croatian) island which is famous for resorts and unbelievable natural scenery. It was our first day at Croatia. We roamed around the island and explored many places. In a particular place, people were going for sky driving. I was very excited and i wanted to go for it. I asked my wife to go for a sky diving. But she refused to come with me so i do not want to leave her alone and go for it. So we moved from there and reached the seashore. Therefore i have seen many people were hiring water bikes so i was also wanted to do that.

boat in Croatia

This time my wife did not refuse. She understood that i am very curious to go for it so she accepted to come with me. I know my wife is very sensitive so once i hired the bike i started driving it slowly. She was very excited to travel into the sea like this. I stopped the bike in a particular place and turn around and sat by facing my beautiful lady. I took out the ring that i have purchased for her and gifted her. She got tears in her eyes. I said “i love you”. I thought it will be so romantic. My wife smiled and hugged me and said “I love you too”. At that moment i realized that it was too romantic.