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Sailing around Croatia

We were in Dubrovnik on our first day at Croatia. Since my wife was very much excited i wanted to give many surprises to her and make her happy. So i take her to the popular restaurant in the location and completed our breakfast. Then i thought of hiring a yacht and asked my wife whether she is interested. My wife became very happy when i tell her about yacht charter. Without further delay, i chose a yacht there and take it to Lokrum which is a small island near to Dubrovnik.

boating in Croatia

The island was filled with trees and gardens. Meanwhile there were many historic buildings. We walk and roam around the island. It was very romantic. I was very happy to hold my wife’s hands and walk around the beautiful island with her. She was telling about many things that she has seen in that TV channel. We spend few hours in the island and it was an unforgettable experience. My wife was very much happy about this day and it makes me feel satisfied. Life is nothing without wife so it is the responsibility of a husband to keep her happy. I did that and i felt very happy about that. Then we came back to Dubrovnik and spend some time by roaming around the city.