Sailing around Croatia

We were in Dubrovnik on our first day at Croatia. Since my wife was very much excited i wanted to give many surprises to her and make her happy. So i take her to the popular restaurant in the location and completed our breakfast. Then i thought of hiring a yacht and asked my wife whether she is interested. My wife became very happy when i tell her about yacht charter. Without further delay, i chose a yacht there and take it to Lokrum which is a small island near to Dubrovnik.

boating in Croatia

The island was filled with trees and gardens. Meanwhile there were many historic buildings. We walk and roam around the island. It was very romantic. I was very happy to hold my wife’s hands and walk around the beautiful island with her. She was telling about many things that she has seen in that TV channel. We spend few hours in the island and it was an unforgettable experience. My wife was very much happy about this day and it makes me feel satisfied. Life is nothing without wife so it is the responsibility of a husband to keep her happy. I did that and i felt very happy about that. Then we came back to Dubrovnik and spend some time by roaming around the city.

Korcula is one of the Croatia (Croatian) islands and it is very famous for many exciting things to do and interesting places to visit. We reached the city within 2 hours from Dubrovnik. We explore the wineries around the island and we visited many historic places. At evening we have visited a theatre and there we have seen the traditional dance performances of the Croatian people. It was very exciting to see such different performances with those people. Then we moved to a club and spend some time there. Many people were dancing there and we joined the crowd and danced together. Then we came to seashore and took the yacht in which we came here and returned to Dubrovnik.








With friends in Croatia



With friends in Croatia







Trip in Croatia

Hvar is a beautiful Croatia (Croatian) island which is famous for resorts and unbelievable natural scenery. It was our first day at Croatia. We roamed around the island and explored many places. In a particular place, people were going for sky driving. I was very excited and i wanted to go for it. I asked my wife to go for a sky diving. But she refused to come with me so i do not want to leave her alone and go for it. So we moved from there and reached the seashore. Therefore i have seen many people were hiring water bikes so i was also wanted to do that.

boat in Croatia

This time my wife did not refuse. She understood that i am very curious to go for it so she accepted to come with me. I know my wife is very sensitive so once i hired the bike i started driving it slowly. She was very excited to travel into the sea like this. I stopped the bike in a particular place and turn around and sat by facing my beautiful lady. I took out the ring that i have purchased for her and gifted her. She got tears in her eyes. I said “i love you”. I thought it will be so romantic. My wife smiled and hugged me and said “I love you too”. At that moment i realized that it was too romantic.


It was my long time desire to take by lovable wife to a beautiful place. I was thinking about this since we were in love and now we got married so i do not want to make any delay. So i told her about my idea and she said ok to go for a trip. She asked me about the location that i have chosen and i said the name Croatia. Since she does not know anything about the country, i asked her to sit beside and i have shown her the pictures of Croatia and the places in the country. She was very much happy and excited to visit such beautiful place. Here you will find best charter offers. We usually make rankings of such yachts and Charter companies. Every year we comapare prices and here is what we invented yacht rent in Croatia. If you like it, you can use it for your own purposes.

friends on boat

I want this trip to be romantic and unforgettable so i called my friend who owns a tourist agency. I asked him to arrange the accommodation, transportation and other important things at Croatia. Actually he is a childhood friend for both of us so he was ready to help me. I wanted to plan many surprises for my dear lady so i asked him to contact his friends to arrange few things at Croatia. He did everything and sent us the tickets. We got ready to leave our location and started to Croatia.


It was our second day and i have arranged for yacht charter to reach Split. Travelling in a yacht was a different and exciting experience for us. We reached split within a short period of time. Then we got down and moved to a restaurant and had our breakfast. Then we visited the important places like Ivan Mestrovic Gallery, Diocletian’s Palace, Museum of Croatian Archaeology, Cathedral of saint dominos etc. It was a great day in Split. We took lot of images in Split.